22 LR - 40 Grain CPRN - CCI Mini-Mag - 1000 Rounds

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Why do so many shooters swear by CCI’s Mini-Mag line of 22 LR ammunition? Is it the smooth, reliable feeding? Is it the super-clean performance? Is it the ammo’s ability to deliver seamless functionality in any firearm, regardless of whether it’s a little semi-automatic pistol, a bolt-action squirrel buster, or a decked out AR-style carbine? It’s all of the above, as a matter of fact! This cartridge is loaded with a 40 grain CPRN bullet. The copper plating which envelops the bullet appreciably cuts down on lead residue build-up, which alongside CCI’s low-fouling powder helps to preserve a firearm’s accuracy throughout a target shooting session. It makes cleaning the firearm easier as well! The round nose profile enhances dependable feeding in a semi-auto, but it will not deliver anything in the way of terminal expansion. CCI is one of the world’s foremost authorities on manufacturing rimfire primers. Their experience makes Mini-Mag ammo extremely consistent, so you can expect interchangeable recoil and trajectories every time you squeeze the trigger. And all these fine components live together in high-quality brass cases! This is a bundle of ten 100-round boxes, not a case of ammunition.
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