22 LR - 40 Grain LFN - Eley Tenex - 50 Rounds

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To say this 22 LR ammunition is a cut above the usual is an understatement. Eley of Great Britain has been in business for nearly two centuries, and in that time they have developed state of the industry machinery, electronic visual inspection protocol, and Six Sigma methodologies to produce what is among the most uniform – and accurate – rimfire ammo in the world. This Tenex label cartridge’s 40 grain bullet features a special flat nose profile, the shape of which is optimized to promote greater in-flight stability. The bullet’s cannelure contains a special lubricant which is made out of beeswax to facilitate smoother chambering in any kind of firearm. The brass case’s mouth is cut to create the optimal seating depth for so accurate a bullet, as well as to yield a constant amount of release force throughout ignition. The uniformity of each round’s brass case also promotes highly even burning of the propellant throughout ignition. That along with Eley’s proprietary rimfire primer design delivers some of the most consistent ballistic performance available on the market. Great for benchrest competition, but certainly not wasted for more casual target shooting fun as well!
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