22 LR - 40 Grain LRN - Aguila SuperExtra - 5000 Rounds

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Details Whether you are an avid shooter or someone who has firearms passed down from older relatives, most people have a 22 LR firearm. With its incredibly low recoil, sound, and ammo price, the 22 LR is one of the best rounds to plink, hunt small game, and teach your children how to shoot with. Founded in Mexico, Aguila ammo is some of the best, inexpensive ammo you can find. With these 22 LR, 40 grain, lead round nose, Aguila High Velocity rounds, you have the extra speed and the power you need to get some accurate range training in. These HV rounds loaded with LRN projectiles will function well in semi-automatic firearms. Don't miss out on this chance to buy bulk and have a blast at the range with this brass cased, rimfire ammo, firing at 1250 feet per second. Pick up this 5000 round bulk case of Aguila 22 LR ammunition today!
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