22 LR - 40 Grain LRN - Eley Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision - 50 Rounds

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Eley is without question Great Britain’s finest manufacturer of rimfire ammunition. When they set their mind to designing the perfect 22 LR cartridge for competitive benchrest shooting with a semi-automatic rifle, they do precisely that. Whether you’re firing your rifle for acclaim or leisure, you’ll love this ammo’s accuracy! This cartridge features a balanced 40 grain lead round nose projectile. The bullet’s rounded ogive is perfectly shaped to promote reliable feeding from a magazine, and Eley’s proprietary paraffin blend EP2723 lubricant further reduces friction during feeding (without subsequently fouling up the bore). Eley’s little brass cases have specially cut mouths to ensure the optimal seating depth for their hyper-accurate LRN projectiles. Their famous ELEYprime technology sees to reliable and uniform ignition, and their propellant won’t deposit excessive residues in a semi-auto’s moving parts. This ammo may fail to cycle a semi-auto handgun.
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