22 LR - 45 Grain LHP - CCI Suppressor - 5000 Rounds

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Sometimes you just don’t want the thunderous roar of a 22 LR to shatter windows and set off car alarms dozens of miles around you in every direction. When discretion is key, you want to reach for a box of ammo like this one from CCI’s Suppressor line of ammunition. Its subtle report not only complements a suppressor’s performance admirably, but makes for softer shooting even if your weapon isn’t outfitted with the device. A large part of this round’s quiet report is the product of its heavier 45 grain projectile. It’s a lead hollow point that’s designed to expand devastatingly even at during lower velocity penetration. This cartridge has still got the pep your semi-automatic weapon needs in order to cycle properly, and its modern propellant will keep your action and bore cleaner in the process. And however you would implement this round, you’ll be able to do it a whole lot of it with 5,000 of them to burn through!
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