22 WMR - 35 Grain GamePoint JSP - CCI - 200 Rounds

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Details CCI is well know for being one of the best providers of rimfire ammunition on the market. These 22 WMR rounds are perfect for small game and varmint hunting. CCI loads these premium rounds into brass cases that house a 35 grain GamePoint projectile which is essentially a Jacketed Soft Point that achieves an average muzzle velocity of 2,100 feet per second. CCI engineered these bullets to demonstrate controlled expansion that resembles the performance of big game projectiles. These rounds were designed around the A22 Magnum from Savage Arms but will function well in any 22 WMR firearm. CCI has earned a reputation in the shooting industry for manufacturing excellent loading components and ammunition. Established in 1951 by Richard Speer, CCI continues to be a leader in the rimfire market and makes some of the best primers available today. CCI is a member of Vista Outdoor who owns several big name outdoor companies like Federal, Savage Arms, Bushnell and others. CCI ammunition is made in America at their Lewiston, Idaho facility. Pick up this 200 round case of premium 22 WMR ammunition and get out to the range soon!
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