22 WMR - 40 Grain FMJ - Federal Champion - 3000 Rounds

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Maybe you’re planning a light day of shooting where you’ll need only 3,000 rounds of ammunition. For such an occasion you’ll do very well to have this case of 22 WMR from Federal’s Champion label! Federal’s got you covered the next several times you try to tighten up your groups at the rifle range with this 22 WMR ammo. Its stats fall right within the realm of conventional with its 40 grain bullet and 1,880 fps muzzle velocity. At 100 yards out that velocity dips down into the 1,300 fps range, at which distance the bullet is still carrying over 150 ft lbs of energy with it. We say this cartridge is for range training because its bullet is a full metal jacket – hardened to promote smoother feeding through a semi-auto, and less able to quickly muck up a barrel. Still, this bullet’s flat nose profile is able to transfer a lot of energy all at once, and it’s not like you’d chose it to hunt water buffalo. What we’re trying to say is even this range cartridge would do some pretty nasty things to a squirrel or crow or other roguish, delinquent animal. A big boy like Federal has everything in place that they need to draw straight brass and formulate clean burning primers and propellant. This 22 WMR ammo has all of those things, making it a great investment in your everyday shooting regimen.
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