22 WMR - 45 Grain FTX - Hornady Critical Defense - 500 Rounds

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There are plenty of reasons to prefer a 22 WMR for self-defense. Whether you chose your weapon for its affordability or the ease with which you can fire it, however, you need your everyday carry’s ammunition to deliver as much stopping power as possible. This cartridge from Hornady’s Critical Defense label is optimized for a short barreled revolver, and its 45 grain FTX projectile reliably penetrates 10” to 11” in bare ballistic gel. That kind of depth will drop a threat toot suite. The FTX is an especially potent bullet thanks to its Flex Tip. The shaft of polymer that sits in its hollow point nose cavity prevents fabric from clogging the bullet up and weakening its ability to expand widely. The Flex Tip is also soft, so it initiates massive mushrooming during penetration when it jams downward into the underlying lead core. This round will keep you safer at night, as its specially formulated propellant won’t emit a bright flash that would have blinded you in the dark. It’s also intensely reliable courtesy of its smooth nickel plated brass casing, which won’t let corrosion leave you vulnerable.
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