223 Rem - 40 Grain Ballistic Tip Lead-Free - Nosler - 20 Rounds

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Lead-free. Match accurate. Deadly on small game. Nosler’s 223 Rem Ballistic Tip Lead-Free ammunition is perfect for hunting even if you’re not adventuring through misguided states that ban lead hunting bullets! This American-made cartridge’s bullet is a lightweight at 40 grains (largely because it hasn’t got any dense lead to weigh it down). If your rifle has the 1:9 or 1:12 barrel twist it needs to stabilize so light a projectile, then you’re going to witness the impressive accuracy that only a 0.224 G1 BC bullet can provide. The bullet’s velocity should remain supersonic past 700 yards! The Ballistic Tip delivers disastrous terminal ballistics even when it is nontoxic. When its streamlined polymer tip rams into the Ballistic Tip’s nose cavity, the bullet instantly mushrooms outward and doesn’t stop until it has achieved total fragmentation. This round’s bullet probably isn’t going to penetrate deeply enough to reliably neutralize a human-sized threat, but inside of a varmint its effect is comparable to that of a miniature hand grenade. These nonmagnetic rodent-slayers are loaded with Nosler’s own premium brass, as well as the match-grade primers and propellant that tack-driving ballistics can’t do without.
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