223 Rem - 45 Grain Frangible - PolyFrang - 20 Rounds

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PolyFrang ammunition is a great option for close range training and steel plate shooting. These new production rounds are loaded into boxer primed, brass cases that are re-loadable. Each projectile in this box of 20 is a 45 grain frangible that achieves an average muzzle velocity 3,100 feet per second. These projectiles are made using Metal Impregnated Polymer (MIP) to give you consistent and reliable performance. Frangible projectiles are designed to disintegrate to a powder upon impact with a hard surface. These lead-free projectiles are environmentally friendly and greatly reduce the chance of a ricochet or splash-back. You also benefit from reduced barrel leading as well as reduced damage to your steel targets. These rounds have no metal plating or jacketing so no shrapnel is created when shooting hard targets. PolyFrang ammo is made in the USA and is a great alternative to traditional ammunition for range training as well as self defense situations where barrier penetration is a concern. In ballistics gel, these rounds start to break up within the first 1/2" and only exhibit 12" of penetration. Pick up a few boxes of this high quality frangible ammo and get out to the range soon!
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