223 Rem - 55 Grain BlitzKing - Sierra Prairie - 20 Rounds

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Sierra’s Prairie Enemy line of ammunition combines match grade accuracy, explosive terminal results, and ultra reliable performance to provide varmint hunters with their deadliest ammo to date! This 223 Rem cartridge features Sierra’s 55 grain BlitzKing bullet. Like the MatchKing it too features an unusually concentric copper jacket, a core that neatly conforms to the contours of that jacket, and a boat tail that heightens both velocities and energy downrange. Unlike the MatchKing, the BlitzKing includes a sharp acetyl resin tip. On impact the tip ruptures the thin-walled jacket entirely before continuing downward to trigger expansion within the core itself. From afar it may look like you’ve managed to implant a little stick of dynamite in your target! Needless to say, this kills the varmint or predator. Sierra will always be known as one of America’s preeminent bullet manufacturers, but their loaded ammo is simply top notch as well. The Missourian company loads this varmint slayer in a new brass casing. This round’s primer and propellant both ignite clean for a 3,215 fps muzzle velocity to set your watch to.
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