223 Rem - 55 Grain FMJBT - Fiocchi - 1000 Rounds

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This 223 Rem ammunition by Fiocchi checks every box you want your range loads to check! Factory fresh, American-made and reliable, it makes training and shooting targets with an AR or other type of rifle a satisfying experience. This cartridge is loaded with a 55 grain projectile, which has enough propellant behind it to hit a muzzle velocity of 3,240 fps – precisely like our Army’s 5.56 M193 load. The bullet is a full metal jacket boat tail, with the gilding metal shell it needs to feed reliably in a semi-auto while simultaneously reducing lead fouling in the barrel. The FMJBT’s boat tail simply forces the bullet to produce less drag, which in turn helps it retain more velocity, adhere to a flatter trajectory, resist wind deflection and strike its target with greater kinetic energy. This round’s bullet is non-expanding. In other words, it is the poorer choice for hunting or home defense. But it is also completely nonmagnetic, so it won’t run afoul of certain ranges’ ammo rules. Fiocchi’s brass cases are fitted with noncorrosive Boxer primers, and they may be reloaded several times.
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