223 Rem - 62 Grain OT - Winchester DHS Purple Casing - 1000 Rounds

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This 223 Rem cartridge’s pretty purple casing doesn’t only make it a snap to identify your training ammo at a glance. If you also own a purple AR-15, you’ve pretty much got to have it, and we know that purple AR-15s are all the rage these days. They’re big among Prince fans and people who like to hunt in wine country. This government contract range cartridge sports a relatively heavier 62 grain open tip projectile. The bullet may resemble a hollow point, but it doesn’t deal significantly more damage during penetration than an FMJ would have. The opening exists because this bullet’s core was formed within the jacket itself to improve its rotational stability and resultant accuracy. Nothing about this round’s new brass casing’s unusual color means that it isn’t a prime candidate for handloading. Count on Winchester to give a cartridge the sensitive primer and consistent propellant charge your rifle needs to work at its best.
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