223 Rem - 69 Grain BlitzKing - Sierra Prairie - 20 Rounds

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A public enemy is nothing to aspire to be. A Prairie Enemy, on the other hand, is a splendid varmint hunting cartridge by Sierra. This round offers the exact accuracy and dynamite terminal effect you need to send pests packing permanently! This 223 Rem cartridge dons a 69 grain BlitzKing bullet. Designed to be in every sense a tack driver, Sierra’s BlitzKing features a jacket that is for all intents and purposes perfect in its concentricity. The jacket tapers to end in an optimally angled boat tail, which in conjunction with this bullet’s added bulk grants it a high G7 ballistic coefficient of 0.179. Wind can do very little to stray such a bullet off course. The BlitzKing bullet further features an aerodynamic acetyl resin compound tip. Aside from streamlining the bullet, the hard tip creates catastrophic fragmentation the instant following impact. As the BlitzKing’s thin jacket and lead core burst in every possible direction at once, you can only imagine what happens to the unfortunate varmint. This round is optimized for smooth functionality in a semi-automatic rifle. Its precision tapered brass case feeds and ejects like it has been oiled, and its non-corrosive primer and clean burning propellant prevent both rust and gradual loss of accuracy.
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