223 Rem - 77 Grain HPBT - Nosler Custom Competition - 20 Rounds

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To be the best, you’ve got to shoot the best. Wait, let us rephrase that – you’ve got to shoot the best ammo. Nosler graciously provides exactly that with their Custom Competition label match grade 223 Rem cartridge. This round features Nosler’s own Custom Competition bullet. Its jacket is the pinnacle of concentricity, as consistently drawn as Nosler’s technology will allow. The HPBT bullet ends in an extremely narrow meplat to reduce drag, and its aggressively sloping boat tail hones its G7 ballistic coefficient all the way to 0.153. Don’t mistake a hollow point match bullet with one that is optimized for self-defense. Nosler actually poured molten lead through the minute opening in this bullet’s tip, permitting it to conform to the interior of the jacket for the greatest possible uniformity in weight distribution. This process also enables Nosler to jacket the base of their match bullet, meaning the white hot flash of ignition can’t deform it to harm the bullet’s superior balance. Having perfected this round’s tack driving bullet, Nosler turned their attention to its other components. This round offers a new production brass case, fiercely inspected to ensure its length, neck diameter, chamfering, and flash hole all fall nothing short of ideal. Each round’s meticulously weighed propellant charge and match grade primer deliver the same in-flight ballistics with every shot. It all comes together to create a cartridge with nothing short of surgical precision.
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