223 WSSM - 55 Grain Power-Point SP - Winchester Super-X - 20 Rounds

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Winchester has been around for over a century and a half during which they've developed some of the most reputable calibers and firearms designs. One of these is the .223 Winchester Super Short Mag (WSSM) much puts a standard .224-inch diameter pill in front of a powerful powder charge, similar to an experimental wildcat cartridge but with professional-grade refinement. Winchester's own clean-burning powder rests in a brass casing that is armed with a non-corrosive Boxer primer. Atop the .223 WSSM round sits a 55-grain Power-Point projectile which is great for critter control during ranch cleanup and field hunting during camping trips. Winchester's Power-Point is a jacketed bullet with a soft, exposed lead tip which is accompanied by slight cuts. This construction allows the round to expand in a game animal even at long distance, driving energy into vital organs and creating a large wound cavity for quick and humane drops.
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