243 - 100 Grain SP - Fiocchi PerFecta - 400 Rounds

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These Italian-made .243 Winchester cartridges are manufactured in Italy by Fiocchi and imported with the help of TulAmmo. As a result, each round is made using high-quality components and subjected to a meticulous inspection process. This ammo is constructed using non-corrosive Boxer primers which are fitted to reloadable brass casings. The cases contain clean-burning powder and are crimped to 100-grain soft point projectiles. 100 grains is heavy for the .243 caliber and exhibits excellent terminal ballistics at long distances. Upon impact, the bullet's exposed lead tip will begin flattening out in a mushroom-like fashion. This expansion prevents the bullet from passing through a deer or boar without effect but rather tumbles the projectile, allowing it to lose velocity. As a result, the majority of energy is transferred to vital areas and drops game animals with clean efficiency.
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