300 AAC Blackout - 110 Grain Frangible - SinterFire - 1000 Rounds

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You have a 300 AAC Blackout rifle. You have a steel target. You have the strong desire to use that rifle to make your target sing the song of its people. Pting-pting-ptang! But what you don’t want is to get hit by splash-back or a ricochet. That’s why you need SinterFire! This 300 Blackout ammo is loaded by the world’s leading manufacturer of frangible bullets. Its 110 grain projectile is composed of sintered copper and tin powder. That’s why the frangible bullet is going to safely disintegrate the instant it hits steel, poured concrete, rock, or any other hard surface while you’re training. SinterFire’s frangible bullet is also lead-free. That’s a huge bonus if you’re training indoors, as the bullet won’t cloud up the range’s air with toxic lead particles. You can breathe easy and focus on your aim when you’re firing this ammo. This round is easy to tell apart from your standard FMJ loads thanks to its frangible bullet’s unique (yet aerodynamic) nose profile. SinterFire loads their ammo in Pennsylvania with standard brass cases and Boxer primers – it is reloadable!
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