300 AAC Blackout - 120 Grain OTFB - Remington UMC - 160 Rounds

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Remington’s UMC line of ammunition offers consistent performance and target grade accuracy that will suit any rifleman’s day-to-day needs. No 300 AAC Blackout firearm could be poorly served by this ammo! This round features a 120 grain open tip flat base bullet. The bullet bears a superficial resemblance to a jacketed hollow point, but you should know that an open tip bullet is not in fact designed for terminal expansion. The little hole in this bullet’s tip is there so Remington could pour in the molten lead that would become its core. An open tip offers better accuracy than a standard full metal jacket for two primary reasons: its core is more uniformly distributed because it perfectly conforms to the contours of its jacket, and its base is shielded by copper to prevent deformation throughout ignition. Remington devotes their UMC division to producing a select few types of cartridges. By focusing exclusively on making what people most want, they’re able to save on production costs while still offering good quality. These 160 brass cased and non-corrosive cartridges are packaged all together in one plastic bucket.
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