300 AAC Blackout - 145 Grain FMJ - Wolf (Steel Case) - 500 Rounds

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Based in Russia, Wolf specializes in giving shooters the budget-friendly ammo they need to make the best use of their firearms. If you’ve finally gotten your 300 AAC Blackout upper and are raring to test it out, then this steel cased ammo ought to serve you famously! Thanks to their steel shell casings, these rounds will have a much lighter impact on your bank account. Each casing is coated in a fine layer of polymer that reduces friction to facilitate failure-free cycling. Wolf’s polymer is superior to earlier lacquer applications because it is formulated to avoid melting in the heat of ignition. Wolf’s reliable Berdan primers are also non-corrosive, further helping to preserve your rifle’s chamber. This round has a simple 145 grain FMJ projectile. It’s the optimal choice for recreational shooting and serious target practice, as it’s an economical yet aerodynamic design. This round’s FMJ is copper washed to help prevent fouling in the barrel, yet its inner layer is indeed made of steel. A magnetic bullet’s tendency to create sparks and ricochet may have gotten it banned from your favorite indoor range – be sure to check before you thwomp this mighty case of 300 AAC Blackout ammo on their counter! A dedicated 300 AAC Blackout magazine is recommended for this ammunition.
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