357 Magnum - 158 Grain JHP - Federal - 500 Rounds

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Details These Personal Defense cartridges from Federal are a formidable complement to any .357 Magnum revolver! Each round is constructed using reloadable brass casing and a clean-igniting Boxer primer; the entire arrangement is treated to a slick coat of nickel which resists corrosion from humidity, speeds reload insertion and smooths ejection. The case's primer pocket is sealed with moisture-blocking material which preserves dependable function in any environment. The top of the casing houses a jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) projectile and secures it via a light base crimp alongside a mouth crimp at the projectile's toothed cannelure; this ensures that the bullet doesn't jostle out of place under recoil which can spoil ultimate accuracy. The 158-grain JHP matches the profile of the most effective .357 Magnum duty loads and has a truncated cone shape for easy feeding and reliable expansion upon impact. During entry into a target, the bullet's hollow cavity and exposed lead tip promote reliable mushrooming while its strong copper jacket and cannelure prevent separation; this results in the perfect balance between deep penetration and threat-dropping energy transfer. The width of the hollow cavity also makes these rounds safe for use in lever-action rifles with tubular magazines. Federal Premium is one the United States' most popular ammunition manufacturers. Their products are recognized for consistent quality and top-tier performance.
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