357 Sig - 125 gr MC - Remington UMC - 500 Rounds

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Details Manufactured by the legendary Remington Arms Company, this product is brand new, brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is a staple range and target practice ammunition used by many law enforcement agencies and avid shooters. Note: Remington's bullet type designation "metal case" is essentially the equivalent of full metal jacket. wistiaEmbed = Wistia.embed("ymz16r6e6d", { version: "v1", videoWidth: 560, videoHeight: 315, volumeControl: true, controlsVisibleOnLoad: true, endVideoBehavior: "reset" }); Video Transcript: The UMC ammo brand dates back to the mid 1800s with the Union Metallic Cartridge company. They merged with Remington in 1912 to become what was then called Remington UMC. Eventually, the UMC part was dropped from the company name, but Remington started to use the initials to refer to their value line of target and range ammo, which is now one of the most popular in the country. UMC is available in a wide variety of calibers, like the 357 SIG load that we recently tried out. UMC ammo can be found packaged in 50, 100 and 250 round boxes. This 357 SIG came in a 50 round box with a standard plastic tray to keep all the rounds in place. The cartridges use a bottleneck reloadable brass case with a non-corrosive primer. Seated in each case is a 145 gram lead core bullet with a copper jacket. Remington calls this a metal case, but it's the same as the traditional full metal jacket that you're used to. We fired through a couple of boxes using four different handguns. Because most handguns chambered in this caliber are nearly identical to their 40 Smith and Wesson counterparts, we used three 40 caliber handguns with original factory made 357 SIG barrels. The Springfield XD came from the factory chambered in 357 SIG. All four of the handguns performed great with this ammo. Feeding and extracting were smooth and problem free in each gun, and there were no ignition issues, either. Like most 357 SIG loads, recoil was just a little snappier than the average 40 Smith and Wesson round. After testing the ammo for function, we set up the sandbags and tried out the UMC load from the bench at 15 yards using the SIG P226. We got a relatively decent 10 shot group, but with an unusual spread. Our first four shots hit right around the point of aim, but the following six rounds impacted in a group a couple of inches lower. The group we did get is still on par with most of the other handgun loads in this price range, including UMC loads that we've tested in the past. Remington's UMC line is always a dependable choice for any range application, and their 357 SIG load represents an excellent value for American made brass-cased loads. Additional Information Manufacturer Remington Condition New Bullet Weight 125 Grain Bullet Type Metal Case (MC) Use Type Range Training Ammo Casing Brass Quantity 500 Ammo Caliber .357 Sig Manufacturer SKU L357S1 Primer Type Boxer Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1350 Muzzle Energy (ft lbs) 506 UPC Barcode 047700169811 decorateTable('product-attribute-specs-table')
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