380 Auto - 92 Grain FMJ - Wolf Performance - 1680 Rounds

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Details This 380 ACP cartridge by WOLF Performance Ammunition sports a 92 grain projectile. The bullet’s full metal jacket makes it ideal for range training, as it will stave off the kind of rapid fouling in your bore which would quickly diminish the tightness of your groupings. While these cost-effective rounds may be the perfect solution for all day training, plinking, and target shooting, their ability to penetrate targets makes them less than ideal for self-defense where bystander safety is crucial. These rounds are manufactured at the Novosibirsk LVE plant, which was established in 1939 and is today one of Russia’s leading military-industrial engineering enterprises. In the distinctly Russian fashion they feature non-corrosive Berdan primers and bimetal casings -- that makes them very easy on the wallet, but unsuitable for handloading. Still, with 1,680 of the rounds to work through, reloading will likely be the last thing on your mind!
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