410 Bore - 2-1/2" 3 Disc/12 BB Combo Shot - Winchester Defender - 100 Rounds

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Details The .410 bore is a relatively small shotgun chambering, but due to it's size it is used in some unique firearms. With similar dimensions to the 45 LC caliber, the .410 is often paired up with the 45 caliber in revolvers and can often be found on combo guns coupled with a .22 LR. Despite its small size, the .410 shotgun is great for short range self defense. Winchester has been around since 1866, creating some of the best firearms and ammunition available. Winchester uses high quality components and their products have a reputation for being very reliable. Winchester ammunition is proudly loaded in the USA This Winchester Defender ammo is a great choice for self defense applications. Each shell measures 2-1/2" in length and contains 3 Plated Defense Discs and 12 BB pellets. The 3 Discs provide hard hitting knockdown power while the BB shot spreads out to cover a larger area. Pick up this 100 round case of premium Winchester Defender ammunition today!
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