410 Bore - 3" 11/16 oz. #7-1/2 - Winchester Super-X High Brass - 25 Rounds

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Details Although not the most popular shotgun, and certainly not the most powerful, the 410 gauge, smallest of the shotguns, is still quite effective and serves its own place in hunting and self defense. Due to its small diameter, the 410 gauge, or more realistically, 41 caliber, is sometimes used in handguns, alongside the 45 caliber, or used in long guns, accompanied by a 22 caliber rifle. Winchester always produces top of the line ammunition, and these Super-X High Brass 410 gauge shells feature high quality components, making for the ideal shooting experience. When you put these 3", 11/16 ounce, #7 1/2 shot shells in your shotgun, get ready for some fantastic times of hunting your favorite, yummy creatures.
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