410 Bore - 3" 3/8oz. #6 Steel Shot - Winchester Super-X - 250 Rounds

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Caring about the environment doesn’t mean having to eat cricket burgers and drive your kid’s Power Wheels to work. All you’ve got to do is hunt upland game with this 410 Bore ammunition by Winchester, which is loaded with nontoxic #6 steel shot! If this 3” shell were loaded with lead, its 3/8 ounce shot column would be unusually light. But steel is much less dense than lead, which is why fewer steel shot pellets will fit in the same amount of space. Steel’s lower density also means it conserves relatively less momentum as it moves downrange – but this shell has a clever way of compensating for that shortcoming. Its muzzle velocity is very high at 1,400 fps, which gives steel shot the push it needs to carry deadly kinetic energy to its prey. Winchester’s Xpert Steel Shot is specially treated for enhanced corrosion resistance. That prevents exposure to moisture from making the little pellets too coarse to fly in a straight direction, which promotes more effective patterning while you’re carrying this ammo through the wet wildlands. This reloadable shell is also fitted with a special wad that protects a shotgun or revolver’s barrel against abrasion.
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