410 Gauge - 2-1/2" 1/2oz. #7.5 Shot - PMC High Velocity Hunting Load - 250 Rounds

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As a facet of South Korea’s massive Poongsan Corporation, PMC makes a great range of ammunition all the way up to howitzer rounds. This doesn’t mean they’re not eager to put their operation to work making smaller ammo, however. We doubt that the 410 Bore will ever be used in combat, but if South Korea is one day invaded by vicious pheasants it is good to know they’ll be well prepared so long as they’re making this quality shotshell. This shell is loaded with 1/2 ounces of #7.5 lead shot. Such shot will reliably kill without disfiguring your quarry at up to around 50 yards, and because it is hard and pushed down the bore via a quality one-piece wad you can expect great accuracy while you’re hunting with this shell. PMC puts great care into manufacturing their components from raw materials, so you can expect this shell’s concentric brass, sturdy hull, non-corrosive primer, and fast burning propellant to all behave perfectly as you’re out stalking the fields.
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