.410 Inch MK1 "Indian Musket" - 98gr Musket Ball - 180 Rounds

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Details Now here is a rare find for you! Looking for ammo for your .410" Smooth Bore British-Enfield Indian Musket? You're in luck! These 180 rounds of .410" are non-corrosive, berdan-primed and brass-cased. They've been sealed away in hermetically sealed cases and protected by heavy wooden crates since the early 1960s. Good luck finding better vintage ammo than this! Each case of 180 contains 18 paper bundles with 10 rounds per bundle. In case you don't know the history of this caliber, it stems from the British colonial occupation of India in the early 1900s (the "Raj"). The British colonials were looking for a way to arm the indigenous police and prison guards without giving them the ability to rise up in arms against the ruling British minority. So the British took their standard .303 British Lee-Enfield rifle, bored out the barrels to .410 bore and converted them to single shot muskets. This gave the police and riot control some power over their dominions at short range, while not being able to overpower the better armed British military. These rounds cannot be used in a standard .410" smooth bore shotgun since the musket ball loaded at the mouth of the case is actually larger than diameter of the case itself.
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