45 ACP - 160 Grain SCHP - Corbon DPX - 20 rounds

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Details These .45 ACP hollow point rounds, produced as part of Corbon’s DPX line, are the last word in self-defense. Each cartridge contains a solid copper hollow point bullet that defies the conventions and limitations of other hollow point rounds. Instead of serrations along the edge of the leading cavity, these bullets are serrated on the internal surface of the cavity. On impact, this creates 6 more consistent, better-defined petals that offer more expansion than conventional jacketed hollow point rounds. Corbon is an American ammunition manufacturer that has been crafting high-quality ammunition of all types for over 30 years. Dedicated to rigorous quality standards, Corbon prides itself on combining reliability and innovation in order to provide ammunition that boasts unparalleled consistency and performance. Offering cartridges of all types—from hunting to self-defense or competition shooting to law enforcement—Corbon provides cutting-edge performance for the 21st century marksman.
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