45 ACP - 162 Grain HP - G2 RIP - 20 Rounds

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The 45 ACP came out in 1904 and was the featured caliber of the timeless M1911. Now one of the most popular self defense rounds in the world, the 45 ACP continues to be a fan favorite for the American shooter. This round delivers the reliability and stopping power needed for self defense applications. G2 Research leads the charge in innovative ammunition, making the new 100% copper radically invasive projectile (R.I.P.). These light for the caliber projectiles weight in at 162 grains and consist of 8 individual pedals with trocar tips. Upon impact, these 8 pedals mushroom out and break off of the base creating 8 individual wound channels in a circular pattern. The base continues to travel through the initial wound channel providing deeper penetration than the other 8 pedals. This results is very efficient energy transfer and provides the terminal performance needed to stop a treat. With these 45 ACP R.I.P. rounds, G2 Research states that you will see 13"-16" of penetration from the base of the projectile as well as a 6.6"-8" diameter spread on the 8 pedals. Pick up a couple 20 round boxes of this innovative new 45 ACP ammunition from G2 Research today!
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