45 ACP - 185 Grain JHP - Winchester Silvertip - 200 Rounds

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If you’ve encountered any difficulties finding good self-defense ammo as of late, your troubles are officially over! This 45 ACP cartridge by Winchester, the American Legend themselves, is designed to deliver the goods you need to protect yourself and your own. This Silvertip round doesn’t contain any precious metals, but it’ll be worth its weight in gold when you need it. Its 185 grain bullet is only about 80 percent as heavy as a traditional 45 ACP’s, and as such boasts a 1,000 fps muzzle velocity for a flat, unarching trajectory. The bullet’s profile is enhanced to promote certain feeding in a semi-automatic, as well as to promote fast, uniform expansion in a soft medium. With over 400 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle, such a bullet’s raw power remains debilitating at virtually all practical distances. Winchester doesn’t depend on their storied history alone to win over new generations of shooters. This self-defense round’s components are all ones to count on when your back is against a wall. Winchester’s new production brass cycles efficiently and doesn’t split in the chamber, and their primer and propellant both burn impressively clean.
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