45 ACP - 185 Grain XTP JHP - Hornady American Gunner - 20 Rounds

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Details This 45 ACP ammunition delivers a powerful punch to your assailant instead of your wallet! Designed with a standard pressure load suitable for subcompact carry pistols, these defensive cartridges from Hornady fire a 185 grain jacketed hollow point XTP bullet at a muzzle velocity of 970 feet per second. Each box contains 20 rounds. The XTP bullet is an expanding design with a proven reputation for delivering strong penetration. This allows it to strike an attacker, reach a critical area, and cause incapacitation before that person can cause death or injury to others. Hornady has been in the business of making bullets for over half a century and has also established a strong presence in the loaded ammunition market. The company is headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska, where it also produces most of its products.
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