45 ACP - 220 gr +P JHP - FTX - Hornady - Critical Duty - 200 Rounds

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Buy Your Hornady Critical Duty 45 ACP +P Personal Defense Ammo In Bulk And Save Money! New 45 ACP +P Critical Duty Ammo From Hornady!! New for 2013, Hornady has finally introduced 45 ACP +P to their highly-respected and well-trusted Critical Duty line of personal defense ammo. Featuring Hornady's devastating FTX hollow point bullet backed by high pressure +P powder. Hornady has tested and proven this round through all FBI established urban barriers. Thanks to the sealant at the neck opening and primer pocket and the corrosion resistant nickel-plated brass casing, you won't have to worry about any misfires or jamming when it comes to the critical moment when you're required to use deadly force to save a life. If you're looking to protect yourself and your loved ones with your 45 ACP +P handgun, look no further than this Critical Duty round. This ammo is new production, non-corrosive, boxer-primed in reloadable nickel-plated brass. This is +P ammo - please use only in approved firearms.
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