45 ACP - 230 Grain FMJ - Independence (Aluminum) - 200 Rounds

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Details Independence ammunition is a great choice for high volume shooting at the range. These new production rounds are loaded into cost effective aluminum cases that come boxer primed and can not be re-loaded. Each projectile in this 200 round value pack is a standard 230 grain full metal jacket. Aluminum cases are an affordable alternative to brass and are more pliable than steel casing making them a happy medium between traditional steel and brass casings. Independence ammo aims to provide shooters with affordable ammunition that also performs consistently and reliably. Independence pistol rounds are loaded in Lewiston, Idaho under the same roof as Blazer Brass ammunition. The handgun line is both reliable and affordable making this ammunition perfect for range training and target practice. Some of the rifle rounds under the Independence name brand are manufactured in Israel by IMI, but the handgun line of ammo is now made in America. Pick up a couple of these 200 round value packs before your next day out on the range!
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