45 ACP - 230 Grain JHP - Ammo Inc. Signature Line - 20 Rounds

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Ammo, Incorporated’s state of the art production facility in Payson, Arizona cranks out some interesting ammunition, including their STREAK rounds which leave a laser-like trail of light in their wake and their stelTH label which is optimized for suppressor use. But with their Signature Line they focus on simply offering superlative accuracy, consistency, and value for training and self-defense. This is the 45 ACP ammo you load in your carry weapon when you plan to come home safe every day. Ammo, Inc. loads this round’s 230 grain bullet a little hotter – not so much that it becomes overpressure, but enough to give it an 895 fps muzzle velocity out of a pistol. A bullet like that packs over 400 ft lbs of energy at very close range, enabling it to penetrate heavy fabric and retain the momentum to keep on going. This bullet’s uniform lead core and evenly layered jacket keep it rooted to a flat trajectory as it closes the gap to its target. Once inside its nose cavity triggers significant terminal expansion, cutting out a wide wound cavity to underscore its tremendous stopping power. Every Signature Line round is inspected by hand to ensure that its factory fresh brass case, sensitive primer, and bullet are all correctly pieced together. These rounds’ propellant charges are furthermore optimized to deliver unwavering chamber pressure, recoil, and ballistics.
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