45 ACP - 230 Grain JHP - Winchester Ranger Bonded - 500 Rounds

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Ranger Bonded ammo is made by Winchester so that everyday obstacles can’t prevent law enforcement officers from doing their jobs. If you’d like an intensely reliable round for your everyday carry, you should stock up too! This 45 ACP cartridge features a 230 grain projectile, standard for its caliber. The bullet’s core and jacket are indeed bonded together, so penetration through a layer of steel or auto glass won’t cause it to lose so much weight that it can’t burrow deeply into a threat. As the bullet penetrates a soft target, its carefully engineered nose cavity unleashes wide, rapid, and consistent expansion, even if it has already beaten a barrier. Winchester’s barrier-busting bullet is paired well with the American Legend’s top of the line supporting components. These rounds’ efficacy in a fight is guaranteed thanks to their strong and reloadable brass shell casings, sensitive Boxer primers, and uniformly loaded charges of clean burning propellant. Order by the case and you’ll have enough self-defense loads to practice with, thus learning their performance inside and out!
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