45 ACP - 230 Grain JHP - Winchester Win 1911 - 500 Rounds

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Although invented in 1906, the 45 ACP did not hit the market until the US Army adopted Colt's new 1911 semi-automatic pistol, which chambered this round. As one of the most popular pistols and rounds to this day, the 45 ACP has a great reputation for stopping power, making it one of the best self defense rounds in the world. Winchester has been putting out fantastic firearms and ammunition since before the American Civil War, giving them one of the best reputations in the country. With their superb ammunition, you won't have to worry about reliability or accuracy. When you put these 230 grain, jacketed hollow point rounds into your favorite 45 pistol, you will experience the expansion, accuracy, and power these Winchester Win 1911 rounds give you.
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