45 ACP - 230 Grain TMJ - Speer Lawman Clean-Fire - 1000 Rounds

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You would think that a full metal jacket bullet has the fullest jacket possible, but that’s not the case. An FMJ’s base is bare, exposing its core to white hot gas during ignition. This creates lead vapor – and if you know anything about lead, it’s that you don’t want it inside your body. That’s why you want a total metal jacket. This 45 ACP cartridge by Speer features a 230 grain TMJ projectile. Its base is covered by its jacket to prevent lead evaporation. This round’s Clean-Fire primer is also free of nasty metals like lead, barium, and antimony, making it shoot even cleaner. If you plan to spend long hours going blam-blam-blam indoors, you’ll benefit from cleaner air to do it in. Speer is one of the older players in the ammo world. They were founded in 1943 to help reloaders get what they needed during the war. This round has expert hand’s new production brass shell casing and consistent propellant charge, and its high quality TMJ is balanced for good stability in flight. An indoor shooter would make a good investment in a whole case of these training rounds.
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