45 ACP - 230 Grain XTP - Hornady Subsonic - 20 Rounds

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With a few exceptions the 45 Auto is a subsonic round by definition. Hornady has embraced the classic cartridge’s subsonic muzzle velocity in full with this special offering from their suitably named Subsonic line of ammunition. This round’s propellant is specially formulated to produce an even quieter report coupled with a significantly duller muzzle flash. With its bullet’s 925 fps muzzle velocity (which is about 200 fps slower than the speed of sound) it will let a suppressor work at its full potential! Hornady gave this self-defense load their 230 grain XTP projectile. A high tech jacketed hollow point, the XTP delivers superior accuracy with its uniformly dense swaged lead core and ultra concentric copper alloy jacket. The XTP’s jacket promotes smooth feeding from a magazine by covering the soft core around its brim. The XTP’s jacket additionally features varying thicknesses throughout its length as well as strategically placed serrations that guarantee uniform, wide, and altogether devastating terminal expansion. Hornady’s high quality brass ensures the rapidity of any magazine dump in a self-defense situation. The supple metal also makes a fine handloading component. These rounds’ non-corrosive Boxer primers won’t let you down when the time comes for them to do their job!
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