45 ACP - 230 Grain XTP - Hornady Subsonic - 200 Rounds

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Psst – come closer and we’ll tell you about some awesome subsonic 45 ACP ammunition for suppressed and non-suppressed pistols alike. This is Hornady’s Subsonic series ammo, which fires quietly, shoots clean, and excels at personal defense applications! This round’s bullet weighs the standard 230 grains for a 45 ACP. Its muzzle velocity is actually faster than average (925 fps out of a 5” test barrel), but it's still far too low to produce the sharp supersonic crack which makes a suppressor less effective. If you know your .45 cal ammo, then you already know that no standard pressure 230gr round is going to break the sound barrier upon ignition. That said, this round’s low-flash propellant does make it optimal for any suppressed pistol that you could fire in self-defense, especially if you’re squaring off against a threat in the nighttime and don’t want your first shot to emit enough light to blind you. This round showcases Hornady’s very own eXtreme Terminal Performance jacketed hollow point bullet. The XTP’s jacket isn’t plated. It’s drawn, which is why it becomes progressively thinner the closer it gets to the nose cavity’s rim. Alongside the XTP’s symmetrical jacket notches, that promotes more reliable terminal expansion even after lower-velocity impact. The XTP feeds extra smoothly because its jacket leaves no part of its soft lead core exposed at the rim. It’s also accurate, because its swaged lead core and hyper-concentric jacket both enhance in-flight rotational stability. An all-rounder, to be sure. High-quality reloadable brass cases and sensitive Boxer primers make Hornady’s 45 ACP the one to count on!
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