45 ACP - +P 230 Grain Bonded HP - Federal - 1000 Rounds

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Details These venerable cartridges have been tested in LuckyGunner's own labs and are now available in 1,000 round bulk cases. Manufactured by Federal, this .45 ACP Bonded Hollow Point round provides excellent expansion, well above the median for .45 ACP. This mushrooming expansion translates to a reduce chance of overpenetration as well as more immediate threat stops. With a 230 grain projectile weight, these rounds match the majority of practice ammunition in the caliber and produce smooth function in full-size duty handguns. Since 1922, Federal has been bringing some of the finest ammunition in the world to market. They offer an extensive range of calibers for a variety of uses including sport, practice, self-defense, and law enforcement. The Law Enforcement line specializes in bonded rounds that maintain the round's weight through barriers while maintaining the potential for threat-ending expansion. This ammo features nickel-coated brass casings which reduce friction and make cycling more dependable. Made in the USA, Federal operates in Anoka, MN. This 1000 round case is a great value and can be yours today!
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