45 ACP - +P 230 Grain HST JHP - Federal Personal Defense - 20 Rounds

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People often ask us what “HST” means. In truth, nothing – it’s just Federal’s name for one of the most effective handgun bullets for self-defense on the market. This 45 ACP +P round’s jacketed hollow point won’t be defeated by common barriers. It passes through obstacles including denim, plywood, sheetrock and even sheet metal without losing any significant portion of its combined weight. Furthermore, its nose cavity is specially designed to resist clogging up with debris, thus preserving its ability to deliver jarring terminal expansion following impact. This round’s JHP bullet is optimized to satisfy the exacting criteria of the FBI test protocol. Its ability to retain virtually 100 percent of its weight ensures a deep wound channel, and its nose cavity reliably triggers wide, uniform expansion within ballistic gel (and by extension soft tissue). Know why so many police departments prefer HST ammo? Because they want all their officers go home safely after every shift. Federal Personal Defense HST ammo includes nickel-plated cases. These make the ammo feed smoother, resist corrosion better, and easier to see in the dark. Federal’s reliable primer ignites a heavy charge or propellant to boost the 230 grain bullet’s muzzle velocity out of a 5” barrel to 950 fps. That’s +P territory, so make sure your handgun is designed to safely absorb so much pressure!
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