45 ACP - +P 230 Grain JHP - Speer Gold Dot G2 - 20 Rounds

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Speer’s original Gold Dot bullet is an impressive piece of technology, but the G2 improves upon it even further. This 45 ACP +P cartridge’s 230 grain JHP is formed by the same Uni-Cor process, so its pressure formed lead core and copper jacket are virtually inextricable from one another. The jacket is exceptionally concentric as the result of being electrochemically formed as well. The G2’s nose cavity sets it ahead of the pack. It’s smaller and shallower than the original Gold Dot’s, and it is filled with a special elastomer that prevents it from obstructing as it penetrates barriers. As the G2 enters its soft target, the supple material in its nose cavity wedges into internal fissures beneath it, thus commencing wide expansion. The G2 reliably takes on the shape of a six-pointed star as it widens out -- a deadly little snowflake, indeed. This round’s primer has been crafted by leading industry experts, and its quality brass shell casing is plated in reflective nickel. It cycles with the utmost reliability through a semi-automatic thanks to its exact dimensions and low friction coating, and resists corrosion as well. Please note that this is a +P round which some weapons aren’t rated to handle.
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