450 Bushmaster - 250 Grain FTX - Hornady BLACK - 150 Rounds in Field Box

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When you’ve got Hornady’s BLACK line of ammunition on your side, it doesn’t matter what kind of rifle you’ve got. Hornady engineered this 450 Bushmaster cartridge to deliver great, interchangeable results out of any platform you could chamber it in. And with a bullet like the FTX, you could use this round for pretty much anything including hunting and self-defense. This cartridge’s 250 grain projectile features the revolutionary Flex Tip. The softer polymer tip compresses into the core upon impact, commencing wide expansion even at lower velocities. Weight retention? An FTX provides it in spades thanks to the InterLock ring that binds its core and jacket together. Accuracy? The FTX whizzes unerringly toward its target with its precisely engineered heavy jacket and streamlined secant ogive profile. You’ll be the deadliest thing in the woods! These 150 rounds come in a quality polymer field box for easy transport and worry-free long term storage. You can reuse it again and again!
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