6mm Creedmoor - 103 Grain ELD-X - Hornady Precision Hunter - 200 Rounds

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Details You've invested into a 6mm Creedmoor rifle because you respect prime accuracy as the final result of keen marksmanship. Next time you plan to hunt at long distances, load up with a round that's built for the purpose and exhibits amazing performance as a base design, rather than a added bonus. These full-up cartridges from Hornady's Precision Hunter line are designed to take down game at extreme ranges are assembled from the pinnacle of component choices. Parts include non-caustic Boxer primers, clean-burning power, and reloadable brass casings that have been checked over for proper dimensions. This 6mm Creedmoor load is topped off with a 103-grain ELD-X bullet that has been tailored specifically for the caliber. ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) projectiles feature the same concentric AMP jacket, bubble-less lead core, and Heat Shield meplat as standard ELD-Match projectiles and are only different in that they are designed to expand upon impact. A small internal shank binds the copper jacket to its lead core during entry which maintains proper momentum and prevents premature separation. Expanding rounds reduce the chance for overpenetration, carve out large free-bleeding wounds, and ensure the efficient energy transfer which yields more humane drops on big game. Hornady has nearly six decades of experience that it has dedicated to making some of the most sophisticated bullets in the world. Ammunition from brands like Precision Hunter allows you to experience a custom level of performance in a full-up format.
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