6mm Creedmoor - 107 Grain OTM - Sig Sauer Elite Performance - 20 Rounds

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This ammunition will not work in 6.5 Creedmoor rifles. Treat your 6mm Creedmoor like the precision instrument it was designed to be – load the scamp up with Sig Sauer’s match grade Elite Performance ammunition and group 500-yard shots that would through in a modestly sized hoop earring! This cartridge is outfitted with the sniper’s preferred open tip match bullet. It is only a hollow point bullet in the technical sense, as it does not enable terminal expansion. The 107 grain bullet’s needle-like meplat has a hole because molten lead was poured through it. That lead hardened in place to create the OTM’s perfectly form-fitted core – hence the reason for the bullet’s superlative in-flight rotational stability. The OTM’s heightened jacket concentricity, streamlined profile and 2,950 fps muzzle velocity all add up to a ballistic coefficient of 0.527! Sig Sauer loads this ammunition in America. Its flat-shooting match grade bullets are teamed up with premium brass cases, match Boxer primers, and evenly weighed propellant charges to deliver as little variation with each shot as possible.
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