7.62x39 - 123 Grain PSP - Prvi Partizan - 1000 Rounds

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An AK-47 is such a hearty beast that you could do practically anything with it. Driving tent stakes? Digging tires out of the mud? Breaking your toe when you drop it? That hefty chunk of Russian steel and walnut is up to the task. But suppose you want to actually shoot the thing instead? Then you want ammo like this from Prvi Partizan. This 7.62x39 cartridge features a 123 grain pointed soft point projectile. The bullet’s sharp meplat lets it slice through the air, giving it the accuracy that any kind of satisfying shooting hinges upon. Should this bullet strike a soft target, whether it might be of the deer, coyote, or home intruder variety, its exposed core will cause it to quickly deform and also tumble that it may produce a cavernous wound channel. Prvi Partizan’s ammo isn’t so expensive that you’d hate to train with it, but the expert Serbian manufacturer still creates the quality brass, propellant, and primer which a round can’t be trustworthy without. Whether you’re stockpiling ammo that you can count on should events truly take a turn for the worst or have your sights set on any one of a variety of game, you’ll be glad to have 1,000 of these sharp rounds in your possession.
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