7.62x39 - 123 Grain SST Polymer Tip - Hornady - 500 Rounds

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Details Since the late 1940's, Hornady has been supplying America with a better alternative for ammo. If you wanted quality ammunition after World War Two, Hornady was the place to go, and now, years later, Hornady is still the first choice of many Americans. 7.62x39mm is an immensely popular cartridge, used all across the world. Originating in Russia, and used as their service round for ages, this durable, highly effective cartridge has come to be used all around the world, including the United States. Whether you are using an American, European, or Russian rifle, these polymer tipped rounds will get the job done. These all purpose rounds are good for big game hunting, self defense, and range shooting. Due to their accuracy and increased expansion, these rounds will perform whatever task you have in store for them. If you are into reloading, these rounds feature brass casings and boxer primers, making for easy reloading. Don't miss out on this great deal.
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