7.62x39 - 124 Grain FMJ - Tela Impex - 1000 Rounds

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Russia is no longer shipping steel-cased 7.62x39 ammunition to America. Tela Impex of Florida is shipping in high-quality steel-cased 7.62x39 from Azerbaijan! This cartridge is loaded with a 124 grain full metal jacket projectile, with a muzzle velocity that ranges from 2,329 to 2,379 fps (we posted the average of that range in this product listing). It is a mostly unremarkable FMJ save for one important feature: its bimetal jacket. The bullet’s lead core is wrapped in a jacket that is primarily made of steel, which is to say that it will attract a magnet and accordingly isn’t welcome at all rifle ranges. This is brand new ammo – not surplus that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces never got around to firing. That’s only to say that its Berdan primers are modern and noncorrosive. This ammo’s steel cases do even more to help keep its price tag low. Don’t even bother trying to reload them, though. There are many reasons why it’s not worth your time and trouble!
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