7.62x39mm - 124 Grain FMJ - Federal American Eagle - 500 Rounds

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Details Federal's American Eagle brand is the matchmaker's choice for your AK or SKS: inexpensively priced with no lack of practical functionality. Each 7.62x39mm round is built on a properly formed brass casing that is reloadable and equipped with a non-caustic Boxer primer. Clean-burning powder and primer elements ensure that no corrosive salts are left in your rifle's barrel. A splash of sealant around the rim of the primer repels moisture, ensuring dependability in humid environments. The brass casing is crimped to the toothed cannelure of a full metal jacket (FMJ) projectile, preventing setback and its related malfunctions while also preserving accuracy under heavy recoil; this guarantees consistent shot placement for zeroing and building skill with demanding hit-zone drills. The FMJ weighs in at 124 grains, giving it uniformity with most surplus loads, hunting choices, and self-defense rounds. That makes this 500-round bulk pack an ideal choice for training that will produce recoil on par with most other 7.62x39 ammunition.
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